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来华留学生 留学感言
1.Nathan Children, ISEP student from University of Virginia’s College at Wise, America, studied at JUFE from Sep.2011 to June, 2012.
My stay at JUFE has been great. This is a really good university for anyone who desires to study Chinese and culture. Nanchang is very different from cities such as Shanghai and Beijing which are largely influenced by the west. Studying at this university can help a person develop an in-depth understanding the Chinese culture. For those planning to travel, Nanchang is a very convenient location to stay. It is fairly cheap to travel to many locations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and even other countries in Southeast Asia.
The staff in JUFE is incredibly friendly and is always ready to assist any students with anything they might need. Overall, the teachers are also very good. I feel that I am making a large improvement in Chinese. Also taking advantage of the environment to practice Chinese allowed me to make vast improvements.
Numerous facilities can be found on campus as well. There are gymnasiums, tennis courts, a swimming pool, martial arts rooms, KTV halls, canteens, theatres, music rooms, etc. There are also several clubs students can join and English corners for those who want to participate.



2.Sebastian Preissner, ISEP student fromWuerzburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany, studied at JUFE from Sep.2012 to January, 2013.
“Going to China from a western country means going into another world. Whatever I expected in the beginning, china exceed all my expectations. There is no space to go into detail, because I could write a book about my semester at JUFE. So I have to sum it up in a few words or in one word “mind-blowing”. But that is not to be taken for granted! Besides a good curriculum,
JUFE takes well care of his exchange students. If I had to choose again, I wouldn’t hesitate a second and choose Jiang Xi Cai Jing Da Xue, since Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics offers not only a well organized education program, it includes a live experience as well.”


3. Luis Gustavo Betti Albiero Wey Tavares, exchange studentfrom PUC Minas, Brazil, studied at JUFE from Sep, 2013 to Jan. 2014.
All the volunteers  at JUFE are really nice, and can help you anytime you need. They are happy to help either in your Chinese or in anything else like going to the post office, or buy train tickets. In the 1st floor we have the Student Support; there is not just the place to ask for help, but a very good place to spend talking to the volunteers. Above the volunteers we have the JUFE staff, and I`m really grateful to all of them, each one helped me in a way, or in a time that I needed, they will arrange everything to your stay here be perfect, like organizing trips, Chinese corners, participate of the university Olympics and other sort of things . The teachers here at JUFE are great! Very smarts, experienced, and funny! I’m lucky to all my classes be very good and with amazing teachers.


4. By Van Gassen Lisa from Artevelde Business School at Artevelde University College, Belgium, studied at JUFE from Sep, 2013 to January, 2014.
I’ve always been very interested in foreign languages. In primary school I started learning French and English, in high school they added German to the list and I also know a little Spanish. I’ve never been good in maths or science, but languages always fascinated me. Getting the opportunity to learn a little bit of Chinese in China is an opportunity I’ll probably never get again.
Personally, this language is the most difficult language I ever had to learn. Of course this wasn’t a surprise for me because it’s so different from the other languages I know. The tones, characters, sounds, it’s starting from zero. In Belgium we have an expression if somebody doesn’t understand something they say: “it sounds Chinese to me”. So this was a big challenge. Of course I don’t speak fluent Chinese after a couple of months now, but I’m really happy with the progress I made. I can pronounce the words, I’m able to make some sentences and I can read some of the characters. But the most important thing of all, I can buy some products at the market or in the supermarket, I understand when they say how much it costs, and I can say no when I don’t want to. I notice that when Chinese people see that you understand a little Chinese, they’re more honest with their prices as well, especially in bigger cities.

When I arrive home I’m definitely going to show my family what I’ve learned here. Even though they won’t even notice what I’m saying.


5. 2013级学历留学生:姚丽梅(泰国)就读于工商管理学院, 攻读企业管理专业的硕士
在江财过的生活很简单,这里能够让一个从遥远的地方的我感到温暖的接待。江财的留学生宿舍条件很好,有公用厨房、洗衣机,房间里还安装着空调、冰箱等各种能让学生感到方便的东西。从宿舍条件安排也就能感到老师们对留学生的关心、有替留学生思考,而安排得很周到。老师和同学们也很积极 得待我们留学生。一旦我们遇到麻烦,老师和同学们都会心甘情愿的帮助。


 6. By UDDIN SARKER Md Shakij from Bangladesh, studies Master of International Business (MIB) at JUFE from Sep.2013 to June, 2015
Education at JUFE:Before starting class I was little bit confused about the quality of education in English taught program but after few class I came to understand they are really sincere about quality education. Here education is not limited in class room they organize different types of industrial visit so that we can connect class room knowledge to practical. One interesting experience is most of my teachers are PhD holder and they are expert in Finance, Accounting, business and Economics. May be that’s why JUFE is one of the six universities operated by ministry of finance, China.
Life in Dorm:
I believe our dorm as far as I know, is one of the best dorms in all university in china. Almost all modern facility is available here. But JUFE specialty is here will find not only machine facility but also human service facility that means a group of devoted people is ready to help you. In overseas office you will find three Smart and beautiful leady Miss Judy, Miss Apple, and Miss Molly they are really cooperative. And for your daily life convenience we have student support office leaded by another smart leady Tiffany and her group. You can find any kind of volunteer support from here.

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